A Sparkly Silicon Beauty Blender Is What You Need Right Now

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The Evie Blender glitter silicon makeup applicator is supposed to be the new perfect tool for your makeup application, rumored to be cute enough to knock the current contenders out of play. The glittery new makeup application tool is supposed to be the perfect blend between the miraculous Silisponge and the tried and true Beauty Blender.

Evie Blender Glitter Silicon Makeup Applicator

The shape of the Evie sparkly silicon beauty blender we know and love with a hypoallergenic non-porous material that will still allow you to apply your makeup flawlessly but with less product wasted. The Evie Blender silicon sponge is supposed to be easy to clean – without specialty soap. It is easy to hold with the perfect shape.

Presently it's in funding mode having a page on Kickstarter with every one readily available for $28 a bit. It's a cute and fun solution to have an annoying issue everyone has without applying our makeup.

Sponges steal products, but we would like that perfect application. The truth that you can easily clean can't be mentioned enough since it is essential - let’s be truthful here, cleaning makeup brushes and sponges is really a time intensive drag. But will it meet status? Well they aren't open to be tested yet, so we must speculate.

I have tried personally both and presently I believe the Silisponge at $8 would be a complete Godsend. My products do keep going longer, they're simpler to use when you get used to it and also the cleanup is easy. The only real downside was that I needed to wait a looooonnngg here we are at the Silisponge in the future in, it had been on backorder after i place in for this, however the mail it had become coming made my day.

Evie Blender Glitter Silicon Makeup Sponge

There are obvious reasons for this – the wait time is long because it is a great product in high demand and an unbelievable price. But holding it in hand is awkward at first simply because my hands were used to using something different. That something is a beauty blender. While I did get used to it and I love my Silisponge, I do think that the transition would have been much easier had the shape been familiar.

Modifying towards the shape wasn't an issue whatsoever, but every tiny bit counts. If you possess the disposable earnings and extremely desire a cute applicator, do it now! However if you simply are the types that feels the finish of the makeup is the only goal and you're pleased to just cut costs, choose the Silisponge when you wait for a effective send from the Evie Blender.

However the argument may also be designed for while using savings out of your more durable foundation to pay for the main difference between your Silisponge and also the Evie Blender. The selection can be you. Who doesn’t love options?

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Urban Decay Nocturnal Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

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Urban Decay’s Nocturnal spring 2017 makeup collection is an Ulta Cosmetics exclusive that will be available online at Ulta.com on January 15th, 2017 and everywhere in Ulta stores on January 22nd. Urban Decay has a large number of fans and is a great brand for those testing out their makeup skills and MUAs alike.

Urban Decay Nocturnal Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Spring makeup collections are often very bright, cheery and easily overpowering. Palettes include lots of peaches and pinks and neutrals that are very cute. But here, the Nocturnal Shadow Palette can be used to create everything from a cheery look to a sultry seductive look. The two limited edition options provided by Urban Decay and Ulta are great and more details can be found below.

Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box ($29.00) (Limited Edition)

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box is a palette of 12 eyeshadows that goes the extra step and includes a large mirror and a decent sized, double-ended eyeshadow brush tool. It combines a lot of favorited shades in a single palette and even includes 4 new shades, 2 neutral and 3 intensely bold.

This is a great option for those who have run out of a few tried and true UD shades. The UD Nocturnal Shadow Box is also a good option for those who are desperately in need of a good palette that contains some very useful neutral colors, as well as those who are giving UD a try for the first time.

The neutrals offered are interesting and easy to blend, but manage intensity on their own when needed. The palette features a weathered and darkened brick design with lettering designed to look like purple white neon lights on the outside.

Though many of the shades are a staple in many different UD palettes, specifically Half Baked and Blackout, it is a convenient palette to have, especially on the go. The price is good, the colors are vibrant and deeply pigmented. The inclusion of Fireball here is a great addition, as the shade is generating a lot of buzz as both a shadow and a lipstick.

• ABC Gum – pale peach matte
• Midnight Cowboy Rides Again – light pink champagne shimmer with silver glitter
• Baby – cool metallic rose
• Half Baked – golden bronze shimmer
• Riff – brown-nude matte with floating micro-sparkle
• Delete – deep chestnut brown matte-satin
• Fireball – peach satin with pink shift
• Backfire – burgundy satin with purple shift
• Lounge – brick red satin with green shift
• Armor – metallic silver-taupe with tonal sparkle
• Heroine – deep navy blue with subtle floating tonal pearl
• Blackout – blackest black matte

Urban Decay Nocturnal Vice Lipstick ($17.00) (Limited Edition)

Deeply pigmented lipstick is always going to be highly sought after and the Urban Nocturnal Vice lipstick has four interesting shades, each in a different finish. The metallized finish of the shade Fireball has already gotten a lot of interest generated over the peach into pink shifting of the color on the lips.

Urban Decay Nocturnal Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Additionally Backstab, a deep plum shade of purple with a distinct red shimmer to it is a cream lipstick. Lawbreaker, a sheer soft brown, and Nonsense, a ‘comfort matte’ in a rosy shade of pink, are also beautiful.

Each of these limited edition Vice lipstick options come in a purple metallic base with a cover that matches the design of the palette.

Photos courtesy of Urban Decay

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7 Makeup Products from Revolve to Get for 2017

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We said it with Gwen Stefani’s collaboration with Revlon, and we are now already confirming it with 7 of Revolve’s best makeup products of 2017: this is going to be a big year beauty wise! Whether you need a fresh (makeup) start just in time for January, or are just a big makeup lover always looking for new products, we collected 7 irresistible makeup essentials to get in time for the beginning of 2017, just to affordably treat yourselves with quality, all year round!

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017

1. Revolve Goes All-Natural for 2017

If you're one of individuals makeup gurus always searching for brand new all-natural, vegan beauty items, Revolve is what you want. This 100% pure pomegrade lipstick ($29) is the best combination from a lavish and a youthfully new release, and can keep the lips naturally moisturized all day long lengthy.

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017: Lipstick

2. Revolve’s Take On Luminizers

It had been a large trend in 2016 and thus come in 2017: the popularity of luminizers isn't a phase that's determined to fade within the approaching several weeks. Why don't you choose a 100% natural luminizer, then? Revolve’s luminizer can also be wealthy in vitamins and antioxidants, and it is cute rose pink color is enriched with fruit-based pigments!

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017: Luminizer

3. The Perfect Makeup Primer for 2017

Can you really enhance one’s complexion whilst fighting aging of one’s skin? This Edward Bess Precious Gem Perfector Primer does by using its luxurious things that directly range from Black Ocean, and that will concurrently cause you to feel perfect and hydrated.

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017: Makeup Primer

4. Revolve’s Organic Mascara

Boasting a natural formula that mixes ingredients for example jojoba seed oils, beeswax and carnauba wax, Kjaer Weis’ mascara is made to not just give volume and length towards the lashes, but additionally to produce a sensual, natural look that doesn't damage our lashes.

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017: Mascara

5. A BB Cream Per Year

Here i am with another 100% natural makeup product originating from Revolve, with this particular specific one becoming an acclaimed BB cream that does not only is vegan and offers a complete to medium coverage, but additionally contains reflective pigments which will give anybody the correct quantity of glow.

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017: BB Cream

6. ColourPop x Revolve Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop was probably the most acclaimed beauty brands of 2016 and thus come in 2017, with this particular specific collaboration with Revolve already being probably the most appreciated. The Super Shock Shadow palette is here now to deal with us to some dream variety of brown and gold shades which will literally shine vibrant just like a gemstone at any party!

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017: ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette

7. Revolve’s Lips

Finally, we couldn’t, obviously, miss an opportunity to discover the perfect lipstick to put on at any special occasion in this year, which is where this Edward Bess Ultra Clever lipstickcomes in handy! Creamy and lengthy-lasting, the Ultra Clever lipstick flawlessly combines glamour with functionality, arriving shades that may easily transition from day-to night.

Must-Have Revolve Makeup Products for 2017: Lipstick

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MAC Chinese New Year 2017 Makeup Collection

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Not breaking favorite traditions, MAC Cosmetics introduces the new MAC Chinese New Year 2017 makeup collection that comes to celebrate one of the greatest eastern holidays through luscious bold colors. You’ll be able to get your hands on these iconic products that are available in a limited edition packaging already in the beginning of January, exclusively from MAC Cosmetics’ online store.

MAC Chinese New Year 2017 Makeup Collection

While a significant place in the world is about to wave goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2012 in a day, the eastern traditions slightly differ. Also referred to as the “Spring Festival”, china Year 2017 is going to be grandiosely celebrated between 21 The month of january and 20 Feb, with 28 The month of january marking the very first day of the season from the rooster.

To participate the grand Chinese celebration, MAC Cosmetics relaunches a number of its cult classic cosmetic makeup products from the permanent collection, yet revamped having a dramatic packaging conveying the colorful and vibrant spirit from the Spring Festival. Here is exactly what the MAC Chinese Year 2017 makeup collection comprises:

MAC 2017 Chinese Year Lipstick

Let’s confess that MAC lipsticks will always be probably the most searched for-after products in almost any new MAC makeup line, and they are they within this collection. These shades of red are permanent, highly effective colors that now are available in an impressive packaging you certainly shouldn't miss!

? Peach Blossom - frosted awesome nude (Cremesheen)

? Harmful - orangey-red matte (Retro Matte)

? Russian Red - intense bluish-red (Matte)
MAC Chinese New Year 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Year from the Rooster Eyeshadow x 9

Soft beige, ivory, gray, pink and lilac tones define the entire year from the rooster beauty wise based on MAC Cosmetics, which made the decision to incorporate 9 easy-to-put on and globally flattering colors in the eyeshadow palette. Combine these to take the coolest makeup fantasies to existence and showcase your artistic personality!

? Mulch - red-brown with bronze gem (Velvet)

? Honey Lush - bronze-dipped peach (Lustre)

? Wedge - soft muted beige-taupe (Matte)

? Print - muted gray with shimmer (Satin)

? Idol Eyes - silvered purple with gold (Lustre)

? Copperplate - muted mid-tone gray (Matte)

? Girlie - rosy-pink with subtle shimmer (Satin)

? Shale - mauve-plum with subtle shimmer (Satin)

? Sweet Lust - pinky-rose (Lustre)

MAC Chinese New Year 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC 2017 Chinese Year Eye Eyebrows

That will help you give definition for your eyebrows and keep it natural, MAC presents its best selling brow pencil in 2 colors, that are:

? Lingering - soft taupe-brown

? Brunette - gray-brow

MAC 2017 Chinese Year Penultimate Liner

Obtainable in Rapidblack, true dark colored, this liquid eye liner will prove to add depth and drama for your party eye looks.

MAC 2017 Chinese Year Prep   Prime Natural Radiance

This gel lotion struggles against skin redness, balancing the skin tone and boosting radiance in a moment.

MAC Chinese New Year 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC 2017 Chinese Year Powder Blush

Finally, the gathering includes two blush tones in gentle pinks which come to hug your cheekbones having a healthy glow.

? Fleur Power - soft vibrant pinkish-barrier (Satin)

? Dame - sophisticated blue-pink (Satin)

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Paul & Joe Spring 2017 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection

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The most adorable makeup brand is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the beauty industry launching the cutest makeup products for spring 2017! The Paul & Joe spring 2017 15th anniversary makeup collection spreads Parisian romance in the air through soft pink hues and lovely kitten figures that have become the brand’s signature. Set to be available for purchase internationally starting from February 2017, the collection features everything from face and eye colors to pretty lipstick shades.

Paul & Joe Spring 2017 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection

With spring being time for you to add an immediate color boost for your face through makeup, Paul & Joe suggests embracing all of the delicate shades of pink that has the ability to inject femininity and cuteness to the makeup look. This color is fantastic for creating numerous youthful makeup looks, so make certain to purchase the right shade of pink Paul & Joe?ˉs special edition products are available in.

The Paul & Joe spring 2017 15th anniversary makeup collection consists of two products only, such as a couple-in-1 product you should use for the eyes and face. All of the colors come inside superbly decorated cases that you could stick to store your preferred cosmetic makeup products.

While you're sure to instantly adore both packaging and also the colors the gathering features, we counsel you to keep an eye on the gathering to seize your favorites instantly, because the pieces can be found in limited figures and are certain to disappear the wonder counters instantly!

Paul & Joe Face & The Color Of Eyes CS (Special Edition)

Ideal for using both like a oral cavity color which will instantly raise the healthy glow and radiance of the complexion, so that as delicate eyeshadow colors, these heart and kitten embossed pressed powders can be found in three shades, because both versions conveys a little Parisian chic. Snap in the most flattering color for the complexion from:

? 107 Smitten Kitten

? 108 Poupounette

? 109 Mon Petit Chat
Paul & Joe Spring 2017 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS (Special Edition)

Having a fun kitten mind, these lipsticks are all that you should showcase your fancy side any time you choose to edit your lip makeup in public places. The pastel blue color provides you with the ideal unicorn lips, as the pink is the best go-to paint for adding a subtle tint for your day and party makeup looks instantly.

Furthermore, the company offers three absolutely feminine and cute lipstick cases adorned with bird and floral patterns which you can use to hold your preferred lipstick shades in fashion.

? 103 Russian Blue

? 104 Persian Pink
Paul & Joe Spring 2017 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection

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Bobbi Brown Leaving Eponymous Label

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2016 will be very likely known as the year of major shakeups. Another one has just hit the beauty industry, as Bobbi Brown is leaving her eponymous label after founding it 25 years ago.

Bobbi Brown Leaving Eponymous Label

Estée Lauder Companies, namely Bobbi Brown’s owner, confirmed this news a couple of hrs ago, also revealing that Peter Lichtenthal, presently Bobbi Brown’s global brand president, is overseeing the label beginning from The month of january 2017.

“I am grateful for that remarkable people who I’ve had the privilege to utilize through the years and out from the creative endeavours and innovative products we’ve produced together,” Brown described within an official statement. “And the Lauder family, for that many possibilities they provided. I’m excited to determine exactly what the future holds.”

Even though the actual news regarding Bobbi Brown’s departure is scarce, a resource revealed to WWD that Brown would reveal her next relocate 2017, and it'll most likely be connected using the makeup industry. That may make individuals who love her cosmetic makeup products heave a sigh of relief, as Bobbi Brown’s cosmetics happen to be revolutionizing the field of makeup in excess of 2 decades now.

More particularly, individuals who have been about 20 or thirties throughout the Nineties can always remember and acknowledge her imposing contribution towards the so-known as “natural beauty” movement, which coincidentally performed a crucial role within these past 12 several weeks, too (especially regarding the entire ‘nude makeup’ craze).

Such achievements are acknowledged by individuals who work on the Estée Lauder headquarters, as they understand of Bobbi Brown’s importance and visionary contribution towards the beauty industry, too.

“The success of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics shows that commitment,” Fabrizio Freda, Estée Lauder’s president and ceo told WWD. “Today the company is offered in over 70 countries and it is a high makeup artist brand founded with a lady. It’s a worldwide prestige cosmetics powerhouse, having a highly promising future, poised because of its next chapter of growth.”

Estée Lauder’s chairman William Lauder, who helped acquire Bobbi Brown’s eponymous label in 1995, also released emotional statements regarding Brown’s departure, confirming this really is certainly among the beauty industry’s most imposing shakeups.

“More than 2 decades ago, we met an very creative makeup artist having a revolutionary concept that altered the way in which women experience beauty. That concept increased right into a highly effective, global beauty brand,” he mentioned. “She was among the pioneers.”

Reaching this type of milestone, i. e. getting labored at her eponymous label for twenty five years, was really the explanation for Brown’s realization that “it was time for you to begin a new chapter and proceed to new ventures,” and which inevitably causes us to be impatient to determine how she'll shape her future projects.

For exactly what the future holds for that brand, hopefully its “Be Whom You Are” motto and slogan could keep on being in the center of their philosophy and online marketing strategy!

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